Retul V-Series Software

Retul Now
Al’s Cycle Surgery is proud to announce that we are now using Retül‘s new V-Series Software! Retul Vantage 3D Motion Capture System V7 will now be used to give you are more efficient and detailed bike fit than ever before.
V7 Software prov…ides the market’s most comprehensive bike fit intelligence and the only real-time 3D kinematic data solution
Key Features include:
  • 36 measurements of real-time, 3D bike fit data
  • Retül Now real-time data display with data comparison to Retül recommended ranges with immediate feedback to changes in rider position
  • Real-time knee tracing highlighting Y and Z axes, and reporting of power and recovery phases of the rider’s pedal stroke
  • Dual video capability displaying sagittal and frontal planes of rider with video pausing and slowing for visualization and coaching
  • Instant generation of personalized data reports with no post-processing
  • Comprehensive data reporting. Example of report can be found here –

Book in for a bike fit with us today and get the best out of your body and bike!


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